Unwind is a relaxation and self-care specialist, we help you to transcend your body, mind and emotions through our handcrafted, organic and eco-friendly products.

Holistic self-care involves treating our bodies, people, and the earth well. At Unwind, we advocate the importance of avoiding harmful chemicals, and supporting a cruelty-free, sustainability-promoting and eco-friendly brand. For most of us, hair and skincare products are significant components of our daily routine. During most of our routine, the process of cleansing and getting ready is a wonderful way to re-focus, celebrate beauty, and kick-start our mornings. We believe everyone deserves organic and preservative free hair and skin products as your body should truly reflect who you are. Smooth, glowing skin and light, frizzy-free hair are signs of an energetic and healthy spirit. Our mission is to bring the vibrancy of your back to the surface through a relaxation getaway.

We promise to put the environment first when it comes to developing and manufacturing our products. The materials we choose to package our products, and even the methods we use to conserve water are the best testimonial of our philosophy. We want you to rejuvenate and re-center to yourself with our products that enhance it. This is the reason why we use the highest quality ingredients for our personal care range of shampoos & conditioners, lotions, baby care and organic soaps.


We believe in giving back to our mother nature and treat everything with respect. We choose to work with craftspersons who value the environment and our community with the utmost and truest admiration. We will uphold our high-quality standards to provide our customers with a healthier choice of natural and organic personal care products.

At Unwind, we promise every product uses natural and organic ingredients, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly and safe for our waterways.

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